Day 23 - Make a Nature Mobile!

Day 23 - Create a Nature Mobile!

Welcome to day 23 of the Stay at Home Art Club Kids Challenge. Today we have another nature themed challenge for you - create your own nature mobile! Just follow the simple steps below and create a beautiful nature mobile to brighten your room. Don't forget to send us pictures of what you make on Instagram and Facebook messenger so we can share them online!

You will need:

  • String
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Natural objects like leaves, pinecones, flowers, shells etc. or whatever you find on your walk
  • A wooden stick

Step 1: Have a nature treasure hunt!

On your next family walk look out for natural objects that you see and like, for example if you walk on the beach look out for shells or driftwood, if you walk in the forest look for flowers, sticks, feathers or have a look and see what you can find in your own garden. Choose some of your favourite natural objects to use in your mobile. You will also need a wooden stick to use to hang your natural objects from so look for this on your walk or in your garden too.


Step 2: Make your mobile hanger

Tie a piece of string to the middle of your mobile so you can hang it up - make sure the string is in the middle to help the mobile balance. If you want to make a bigger mobile then tie 2 sticks together in an X shape using string to bind them in the middle.


Step 3: Hang your natural objects on the mobile

Begin to tie objects to the stick using the thread that you have. Move them around and keep adding objects one by one to get the mobile to balance on both sides.


Step 4: Hang your mobile

Once you have tied all your objects to your nature mobile and made sure it balances at both sides then you are ready to hang it up! Hang it wherever you would like and every time you see it let it remind you of the treasure of nature!


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