Isolation in Lockdown by Pavestone Collective

Since the beginning of March 2020, members of the Pavestone Collective went into lockdown. For many, self isolation was not a choice but necessary to avoid the Corona Virus. Lockdown affected lives in so many ways but for the Pavestone Collective, it was a chance to embrace a new pace of life and work in self isolation.

In what could have been a dark and depressing time for many, the Collective set to work continuing to create new art against the backdrop of the lockdown. The body of work produced is an eclectic mix that includes traditional, contemporary, impressionistic and mixed media pieces.

The exhibition includes subjects from every day life including places and things of interest to them. Materials used are acrylic on canvas, and household products are used to create texture.

Each artist has developed their own style and used visual art to express their innermost thoughts and feelings.

As many of us have experienced, and our Articulate project illustrates, participating in creative activity undoubtedly had a positive effect on the health and well-being of group members, as well as having the ability to reduce anxiety amidst the turmoil of covid19.

Some background about the Pavestone Collective by member Liane Jamieson

“The Pavestone Collective was established in October 2011, by clients who attend the Pavestone Centre, Coleraine. The collective was created through ‘Leisure Quest’, a programme designed to rehabilitate adults with physical or mental health conditions.

Such were the benefits gained through involvement in the arts, the Northern Health and Social Care Trust developed an Arts & Wellbeing strategy. Since it was founded, we have exhibited throughout Northern Ireland. Through time, trust was built and friendships formed.

The Collective gives its members a chance to meet on a weekly basis to develop their skills, build confidence and most importantly socialise with each other to share good practice.

Although we are primarily a painting group, many of the artists enjoy other activities producing, pottery, candle making, felting, papier-mâché goods & jewellery making. We hope you enjoy our work as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it for you.”

Desima Connolly, Arts Service Development Manager, further adds “We have supported the wonderful Pavestone Collective over the years and had initiated an exhibition of the collective’s work to be shown at both Flowerfield Arts and Roe Valley Arts. Unfortunately, due to covid19 lockdown, the Pavestone exhibition was one of many exhibitions we had to postpone and reschedule until our venues reopen. In the meantime, we are delighted to support the group with this virtual exhibition and greatly look forward to working with and further supporting the group in various initiatives.”

Sunflowers, Liane Jamieson
Dark Forest, Liane Jamieson
Complicated, Liane Jamieson (Mixed Media)
Reading between the Lines, Liane Jamieson (mixed media)
The Clunk Hole, Portstewart by Michael Humphreys
The Wee Beach, Michael Humphreys
Two Trees representing Day and Night, Michael Humphreys
Herring Pond, Portstewart by Michael Humphreys
Pine Tree on the Shore, Michael Humphreys
Jet, Stuart McCracken
De Havilland Vampire, Stuart McCracken
Gloucester javelin, Stuart McCracken
Vulcan Bomber, Stuart McCracken
Ballintoy, Linda McDonald
What a Beautiful Day, David McFaul
Looking to the Sky, Linda McDonald
Changing Seasons, David McFaul
Untitled, Billy Hogg
Untitled I, Billy Hogg
Untitled II, Billy Hogg
Untitled III, Billy Hogg
Untitled IV, Billy Hogg
For Van Gogh, Billy Hogg
Summer Bouquet, Yellow, by Julienne Birch
Lilac Avenue, Chris Irwin
Here Comes the Sun, Julienne Birch
Cherry Blossom, Julienne Bir h
Summer Bouquet Red, Julienne Birch
Scottish Aspen, Ann Kennedy
Motorhead, Chris Irwin
Farmhouse Kitchen, Ann Kennedy
Button Tree, Linda McDonald (mixed media)
Flutter-bies, Linda McDonald (mixed media)
Untitled, Claire Walsh
Fruit Bowl, Ann Kennedy
Opalescent, Liane Jamieson
Old Dutch Trader Michael Humphreys
Blue By Liane Jamieson
Meadowland By Liane Jamieson

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