Day 18 - Play our Boredom Breaking Bingo!

Day 18 - Boredom Breaking Bingo!

Welcome to day 18 of the Stay at Home Art Club Kids Challenge! We have something different and fun for you to try today. We know everyone is getting a little bored from time to time during this quarantine, so when you do why not try our Boredom Breaking Bingo game with your kids to help find some fun activities you can do at home! Break up the boredom, have fun and play along.

Download our Boredom Breaking Bingo card and every time you get bored look for an activity on the card to do and once you've done it mark it off!

See how many activities you can mark off and how long it takes you to complete the full card!

Why not have prizes for every time you get a full line of activities marked off in a row or a prize for when you complete the whole card!

Remember to send us pictures of all the activities that you complete and of your Boredom Bingo cards as they get marked off on Facebook and Instagram so we can share them online! We can't wait to see all the wonderful things you create using our Boredom Bingo!

Happy playing from all of us at Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre!


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