Below are submissions and prize winners of the painting/drawing catergory.

6. Portrush Harbour by Olivia Walker.

1st Prize for best painting / drawing

Watercolour and acrylic painting entitled 'The Beautiful Harbour, Portrush' which I worked extremely hard on and completed during the first lockdown! I worked on this painting from my own photograph. The reason why I decided to paint this scene is because Portrush is my happy place! Whether I am going down to visit my nanny, going for a walk, going for a coffee and a bun, or going out for dinner and drinks, Portrush always puts a smile on my face!

Dunluce Castle - By Fionnuala McNicholl

2nd Prize Best Painting / drawing

2. Duet / Family, By Hazel Patterson

2nd Prize for Most Original

We have raised our family on the beautiful North Coast. We have two boys and two girls now all flown the nest and married with families of their own, but like homing pigeons they love to return to the Causeway Coast to have adventures with their children. My painting is of Michael and his little girl Georgie playing a “ Duet” together. The painting is taken from a photo Michael sent me. I love the inclusion of his little girl in his music making. I painted this during the first lock down last spring, when I was missing their presence. We had to cancel a family holiday here because of lockdown.

Mussenden By Hilary Lyttle

A present to her husband for his 40th Birthday

Mussenden By Jade Lyttle

Painting was done as a tribute to her mum during the lockdown (a front line worker). Jade raised £1,400 for the Northern Health and Social Care Trust Fund for Staff Comforts during the COVID-19 crisis by raffling this painting and donating the money to the NHS staff.

Submitted by Josephine Kee on behalf of Mountfern Centre

Art work shows BARRY’s BIG DIPPER PORTRUSH and the CAUSEWAY STONES created by some of the service users in the Mountfern Centre Coleraine. The frames are made by the service users to enhance the paintings.

Down Hill Beach by Trevor Smyth

The Lions Gate by Trevor Smyth

Ballintoy Harbour by Trevor Smyth

Mussenden Temple by Trevor Smyth

Downhill Beach by Trevor Smyth

Cliff Path along the Giants Causeway by Gemma O'Neill

An illustrator from the north coast and Gemma couldn't be more proud of her heritage. Her roots have definitely been very influential in my overall illustrative style. She is particularly fond of our rugged coastline and can't get enough of it. In recent years Gemma has taken to hiking and long distance trail running on the cliffs and beaches. Gemma usually brings a small sketchbook with her on her adventures too! She uses these sketches to inspire illustrations at home. Gemma’s illustration is of the cliff path along the Giant's Causeway. By Gemma O'Neill.

The Giants Causeway by Andrea Harkness

A piece of work inspired by one of her favourite places in N.Ireland. This is a large scale mixed media piece created through paint and stitch, by Andrea Harkness.

Harbour by Faith Adams, age 10

Mussenden Temple by Faith Adams, age 10


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