Woven Hug for Flowerfield

11th July 2023


We're currently enjoying a lovely, warm hug thanks to Chilean artist Tere Chad and Mexican artist Cordelia Rizzo!

Led by artists Tere & Cordelia assisted by Mario, Woven Hug embraced local communities and individuals by inviting them to reconnect, reunite and reflect on our rich landscape and cultural landscape, our post-Good Friday agreement society and the historical role of women in society.

Through a series of engagement sessions over two weeks, community participants artists and individuals created over 100 resulting embroideries to collaboratively make up this stunning textile artwork which is giving us and surrounding communities a lovely, warm hug!

First delivered in Monterrey, Mexico, Woven Hug encourages communities to connect through creative textiles and has sustainability at its heart by using recycled materials in response to the environmental damage caused by fast fashion. It provides all involved with an opportunity to re-purpose donated materials into something beautiful - thank you so much to the many individuals who kindly donated fabrics to the project over the past month.

Woven Hug is displayed at the front of our building until 26 August.

A HUGE thanks to the many community groups, artists and individuals who participated, Roberta Bacic of Conflict Textiles and of course, Tere, Cordelia and Mario.

This project has been made possible through partnerships with Linen Biennale, Ulster University, Queen's University, and Conflict Textiles, with generous financial support from the National Lottery through Arts Council England and the Buffett Institute for Global Affairs.

Woven Hug3
Woven Hug2
Woven Hug1
Woven Hug
Woven Hug11
Woven Hug10
Woven Hug9
Woven Hug8
Woven Hug7
Woven Hug6
Woven Hug5
Woven Hug4
Ccgbc Woven Hug 13
Ccgbc Woven Hug 12
Ccgbc Woven Hug 11
Ccgbc Woven Hug 10
Ccgbc Woven Hug 9
Ccgbc Woven Hug 8
Ccgbc Woven Hug 7
Ccgbc Woven Hug 6
Ccgbc Woven Hug 5
Ccgbc Woven Hug 4
Ccgbc Woven Hug 3
Ccgbc Woven Hug 2
Ccgbc Woven Hug 1

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