​Craft Workshops to Support Dementia Awareness Week in Causeway Coast and Glens

29th April 2024



Causeway Coast and Glens Arts Services is pleased to announce special workshops as part of Dementia Awareness Week, taking place from the 13th to the 19th of May. Flowerfield Arts Centre and Roe Valley Arts Centre will be hosting Craft workshops for those living with dementia and a family member or friend. offering a unique opportunity for those living with dementia and a family member or friend to engage in a creative and therapeutic experience.

Workshop Details:

Flowerfield Arts Centre | Wednesday, 16th May | 4–5.30pm | BOOK NOW

Roe Valley Arts Centre | Tuesday, 15th May | 4–5.30pm | BOOK NOW

Cost: £10 (for 2 participants)

Led by talented, qualified art therapist, Christina Smith, participants will embark on a creative journey to paint and decorate small rocks. These rocks, known as 'pocket rocks', will be adorned with positivity and comfort, featuring vibrant colours, symbols, and uplifting words/messages. The intention behind these creations is to provide moments of solace and inspiration, to be kept close by for comfort and encouragement.

These workshops offer much more than an art session. It is an opportunity to unwind, have fun, and create meaningful connections in a nurturing and safe environment. These ‘pocket rocks’ can be colourful, and symbolic and feature positive words/messages. They can be kept close by and read or rubbed to bring comfort or even displayed in your home.

Spaces are limited, so early booking is advised. To reserve your place or for more information, please contact: Flowerfield Arts Centre: 028 7083 1400

Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre: 028 7776 0650

Let's come together during Dementia Awareness Week to explore the healing power of art and craft, fostering moments of joy and connection for those living with dementia and their loved ones.

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