Culturally Creative Communities Project Enhances Lives Through Arts Therapy Session

5th June 2024


On Friday, 31st May, the Causeway Coast & Glens Heritage Trust (CCGHT), in collaboration with Age NI Living Well Moyle and Armstrong Storytelling Trust, facilitated a transformative Arts Therapy session at Flowerfield Arts Centre. Hosted in partnership with the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council, Causeway Older Active Strategic Team (C.O.A.S.T) and led by Meraki Art, this event is part of the ongoing Culturally Creative Communities project. The initiative is generously supported by the National Lottery, the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, and Tourism NI.

The Culturally Creative Communities project is dedicated to enriching the lives of older adults in the Causeway Coast and Glens area by offering engaging creative experiences that promote positive mental health and emotional well-being. Through hands-on workshops, music, and storytelling sessions, participants are encouraged to explore their creativity and celebrate local heritage, thereby bridging generational gaps and strengthening community bonds.

Members of the Causeway Older Active Strategic Team (C.O.A.S.T) and Mother’s Union participated in the Arts Therapy session, which provided a welcoming environment for artistic expression and emotional healing. Meraki Art, known for their innovative therapeutic approach, guided attendees through activities designed to inspire self-expression and foster community connections.

“Art has a unique way of bringing people together and providing a means of expression that transcends words,” said Fran Porter Causeway Coast &Glen Borough Council Arts Officer. “We are delighted to be part of this project and to see the positive impact it has on participants.”

Flowerfield Arts Centre continues to serve as a cultural hub in the Causeway Coast and Glens region, hosting events that enrich the lives of both residents and visitors. The Centre’s commitment to cultural and artistic activities aligns seamlessly with the goals of the Culturally Creative Communities project.

Tiérna Mullan, Project Officer at the Causeway Coast and Glens Heritage Trust, commented on the initiative's impact: "Being involved in this project has been immensely rewarding. We’ve seen firsthand how creative activities can uplift and inspire participants, fostering a sense of community and preserving our rich cultural heritage."

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