Under the Same Sun

Under the Same Sun

17th August - 21st August

Aoife Burns, Rebecca Dawson, Claudia McClelland, Mary Morrison, Aimée Nelson and Matthew Wilson

Under The Same Sun’ draws upon the commonality which holds us as a people and place together, speaking to shared joy and collective burden. Although varied in their individual concerns, the six exhibiting artists are all recent graduates of the Belfast School of Art. Dichotomies of natural and artificial, contemporary and traditional, and representation and abstraction are all investigated through a wide range of media and processes.

The contributing artists are:

Aoife Burns: Burns’ paintings explore the concept of boundaries and divided space, of place and identity.

Rebecca Dawson: Dawson’s practice explores how we interact and use landscapes, and spaces that we inhabit - particularly with environments that are assumed to be 'natural', but rather are constructed.

Claudia Rose McClelland: Claudia is a multi-disciplinary artist utilising pseudo materiality to contrive a physicality of aberrant beings that lures a psychological disobedience from the spectator’s sentient reality.

Mary Morrison: Morrison is a textile artist living and working in Belfast. With a focus on portraiture work, influenced by her family’s consistent documentation of their lives.

Aimée Nelson: Aimee is a visual artist based in Belfast. Her work examines physical reality, our consciousness and the fragility of perception.

Matthew Wilson: Matthews work intimately surveying the terrain of memory; navigating what to say and what to leave unsaid. His work maps place, landscape and material.

You can find out more about each individual artist and their work by clicking their name below.


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