Coleraine Citizens' Wallpaper

Coleraine Citizens' Wallpaper

by Martin Nangle

29 February-28 March

Please join us for the exhibition launch on Saturday 29 February at 2pm. All welcome.

Come and enjoy a visual and aural experience of the Causeway Coast. This captivating photographic and sonic installation, The Coleraine Citizens’ Wallpaper by photo journalist Martin Nangle, documents the natural phenomena and living communities of this spectacular area. It involves citizens’ journalism, photojournalism and sound art to document contemporary life in areas across the north of Ulster from Inishowen to the Giants Causeway.

When completed in 2022 there will be a province-wide tapestry that involves community participants in the creation of a large-scale innovative artistic work that will feature a 65-metre-long canvas that reflects contemporary culture, tradition, citizenship and identity from the Atlantic Ocean to the Irish Sea called the Citizens' Wallpaper (that will include the Coleraine Canvases). The exhibition is produced by APAC association (Associated Photojournalism for Art & Culture).

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