Creative Learning for Adults


Friday 22 June, 11.30am-3.30pm
Saturday 23 June, 11.30am-2pm
Saturday 25 August, 11.30am-2pm
Admission Free

Get Creative once again when our pottery studio is open
for you to have a go at spinning clay on the potter’s wheel
with artists on hand to help you make some shapes -
absolutely no experience needed. Drop in on the day to
watch, but you do need to book a place to have a go at
throwing on the wheel. A clay working day only, just fun,
laughter and happy memories. *Wear old clothes & closed
toe shoes. Suitable for adults & children aged 12+ years.

Porcelain - Adam Frew Masterclass

Workshop 1: 31 July - 3 August

Workshop 2: 7-10 August

10am - 4pm each day

Cost: £195 per week

Participants get the chance to make their own energetic pots

on a wheel using porcelain clay and finish with stains & glazes,

under the teaching guidance of the talented Mr Frew. Eagerly

awaited, places are limited so sign up quickly. Fee includes

materials and kiln firings. Max 6 places per class.

Fused Glass Chimes & Sun-catcher Decoration:

Warm Glass with Natasha Duddy

Saturday 4 August, 10am-3pm

Cost: £50

Design & create your own special Wind-chimes or an elegant

Sun-catcher for your house or garden from fused coloured

glass. Glassmaker Natasha Duddy will guide you through the

cut, fuse and slump process of warm glass making. Suitable

for students of all abilities. Max 10 place.

Warm Glass with Natasha Duddy

Slip Cast & Mould Making: Ceramics with Gail Mahon

Saturday 4 August, 11am-2pm (Mould making). Saturday 11 August, 11am-2pm (Slip casting)

Cost: £50

Sign up for two studio days with Ceramicist Gail Mahon, artist and designer at Boyle Blowe

Design Studio, who will teach and demonstrate how to make good plaster moulds for slipcasting

clay vessels. Day 2, follow on by casting vessels using liquid clay, suitable for massproduction

of ceramics saving time to work on surface decorations and shapes not easily

made on a wheel e.g. decorative reliefs or handles. An excellent skill for any potter to acquire.


Murano Glass Beads: Lampworking with Catherine Keenan

Wednesday 8 & Thursday 9 August, 10am-4pm

Cost: £60

Using the ‘lampwork’ techniques to make glass jewellery beads, Glassmaker,

Catherine Keenan, will teach students how to take vibrant

coloured ‘stringers’ (glass rods) and by using a hand held torch, work

the molten glass to create beautiful glass beads. Bring a packed lunch.

Lampwork is a type of glasswork using hand held torches or ‘lamps’ to

melt glass to a molten state and forming it into decorative shapes

Fused Glass Slumped Plates & Bowls


Saturday 11 August, 10am-3pm. Cost: £50

After a brief health and safety talk with a glass cutting

demonstration, students will use line and colour to design

geometric patterns to produce a flat piece of decorative glass.

Kiln Firing (a 2 day fusing process) follows and then the tutor

will ‘slump’ or re-fire work in the student’s chosen moulds to

produce their own unique 3D plates or bowls. Max 10 Places

Warm Glass with Natasha Duddy

Raku Ready with Jack McGonigle

Tuesday 14 August, 10.30am-2.30pm. Cost: £55

In preparation for the Raku Firing Day on Saturday 1 September, vessels and objects need

to be made in advance. Jack McGonigle will be on hand to help you make and prepare your

pots to be ready for the Raku kiln. If you don’t want to take part in the Raku Firing it’s still

a good ceramics workshop and worth joining in.Materials will include ‘Ashraf Hanna’ clay. Max 8 places

Mini Glass Workshops:

Lampworking with Catherine Keenan

Friday 17 August, 10am-12.30pm & 1.30-4pm

Cost: £30 per session

Two mini workshops with Glass-maker, Catherine Keenan, will demonstrate the

lampworking process and technique. She will let people try out the torches and the

coloured glass rods to which when molten are used to create beautiful glass shapes and

beads. Booking is essential for torch places but people are welcome to drop in to watch.

Lampwork is a type of glasswork using hand held torches or ‘lamps’ to melt glass to a

molten state and forming it into decorative shapes.

Slab Slam: Alex Scott Masterclass

Friday 17 & Saturday 18 August, 10.30am-2.30pm. Cost: £55

In this 2 day workshop, learn advanced techniques in slab

building using red crank clay with Master Ceramicist, Alex Scott.

Alex, one of Ireland’s key contemporary designers will teach

you how to make bold sculptural forms using precision cutting,

slab building techniques. Alex’s professional career embraces

tableware design, lecturing and making original ceramics. His

work is exhibited internationally and can be found in many private

and public collections. Max 8 Places.

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