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Celebrate all things craft at Flowerfield! 
Some years back CraftNI launched ‘August Craft Month’ as an annual celebration of the Applied Arts and Contemporary Craft in Northern Ireland. Today it continues to be a successful opportunity to support local designer-makers and promote their work by providing opportunities for the public to experience, participate in and learn more about contemporary craft through workshops, exhibitions, demonstrations, talks and other craft events.
Flowerfield Arts Centre once again offers a great programme of events and activities during August Craft Month 2017 to you the public, as we strive to support and promote our many local designer-makers. So try a few of these fantastic taster workshops and help celebrate your vibrant craft sector here on the North Coast - and maybe find your inner artist.
Craft Month Workshops Enrolment Now Open. Tel: 028 7083 1400
Enrolling for workshops couldn’t be easier at Flowerfield Arts Centre. Simply call into the Centre or ring the Receptionist and give your details and card payment by phone to enrol on the class or workshop of your choice. That’s it!
Please be aware that if a place is not paid at the time of enrolment your name will only go onto the reserve list, and you may lose out to another paying customer.
If the workshop you have enrolled in fails to reach its viable numbers, we unfortunately, are obliged to withdraw it but we will tell you in advance of the cancellation if this happens and you will get a full fee refund.
Throwing Porcelain Bowls & Vessels
Four Day Pottery Masterclass with Adam Frew
Workshop 1.  1-4 August  
Workshop 2.  8-11 August            
10am-4pm each day
Cost: £185 per week
Participants get the chance to make their own energetic pots on a wheel using porcelain clay and finish with stains & glazes, under the teaching guidance of the talented Mr Frew. Eagerly awaited, places are limited, sign up quickly. Fee includes materials and kiln firings. 
Max 6 Places per class
Agate Ware Ceramics
Monday & Tuesday 14 & 15 August, 10am-4pm
Cost: £75
Agateware is pottery decorated with a combination of contrasting coloured clays. The name comes from the agate stone, which when sliced shows multi-coloured layers. It allows for both precise planned patterns, and free random effects. This pottery is a signature style of potter Lorna Noble, who will teach the technique over the two day workshop. Max 8 Places
Ready for Raku
16 August, Group 1: 10am-1pm.  Group 2: 2pm-5pm. 
Cost: £55 per 3 hr session
Two separate groups on one day with a maximum of 5 persons per group
In preparation for a Raku Firing Day (Raku for Raconteurs) vessels and objects need to be made in advance. These two small workshops allow for this, but even if you don’t want to take part in the Raku Firing it’s still a good workshop ceramic with Lorna Noble. Materials will include ‘Ashraf Hanna’ clay.  Max 5 Places per group
Raku for Raconteurs (Every Pot Tells a Story)
Thursday 24 August, 10am-4pm
Thursday 31 August, 10am-4pm
East meets West in this specialist firing only workshop. This is a meeting of earth, air, fire, and water. Students should have made their pots beforehand, ready for glazing and finishing in the very fiery kiln on this Big Firing day. Suitable for people with some ceramic experience
To enrol and for more information contact the tutorMalcolm Murchison directly at mtmurchison@gmail.com    Max 6 Places
Ceramics Mould Making
Sat 22 July, 10.30am-5pm
Cost: £55  
Ceramicist, Gail Mahon teaches students the skills required to make good plaster moulds for slip-casting clay vessels. Well-made plaster moulds make it possible for potters to make several uniform pieces and can save time to them concentrate on the patterns and surface decorations. It worked for Mr Wedgewood!  Max 6 Places
Sculptural Slip Casting
Fri 4 & Sat 5 August.          Day 1. 10.30am-5pm
                                             Day 2. 11am-5pm
Cost: £85
Following on from the mould making workshop, Ceramicist, Gail Mahon is delivering this one and a half day workshop in Slip Casting techniques. This pottery technique using liquid clay is suited to the mass-production of pottery and ceramics and especially for shapes not easily made on a wheel e.g. decorative reliefs, handles or other trims. An excellent skill for any potter. Max 6 Places

Hey Clay! “Throwin’ another Wobbly”
Saturday12 August, 10.20am-2pm
Free Event – Booking Essential.
As part of the ‘Get Creative’ Weekend in April, Flowerfield threw open the Pottery Studio and invited the public to have a go at throwing clay on a potter’s wheel. We had a great response and now we are doing it again!  Book yourself a half hour slot and see how you like it
The event is open to Adults and Children (over the age of 12), and visitors are welcome to drop by just to have a look.
A Day with Alex Scott
Drawing and Construction with Clay
Friday 18 August, 10am-4pm                         
Cost: £25
Spend a day with Alex Scott and meet one of Ireland’s greatest contemporary ceramicists.  Alex is a ceramics artist /designer, born in Coleraine, a graduate of the Royal College of Art in London, his long professional career has a profile as tableware designer in industry, lecturer and maker. His bold sculptural forms moulded and constructed in stoneware clay are influenced by a formalist, asymmetric aesthetic founded upon his experience of industrial techniques and recent research visits to China. His work has been exhibited internationally and can be found in many private and public collections.
10am – 12.30pm      Alex will give an illustrated talk about his work, covering ideas, approaches, influences, techniques and exhibitions.
                                    Coffee and Q. & A. session.
                                    Looking at pieces of his work on show in Flowerfield Arts Centre.
1.30pm-4pm             Working in the Studio:
                                    Two Demonstrations Drawing with Clay & Construction Demo.
                                    Practical activity for participants.
Rings and Things
Fri 18 & Sat 19 August, 10am-4pm
Cost: £95
A two day, Silver Jewellery Making Workshop with Silversmith, Diane Lyness.Each participant will be taught traditional jewellery making techniques, with help to design and make a silver necklace, stacking rings and/or a bangle of their own design. You will be surprised with what you can achieve in this workshop. Max 10 Places
Fused Glass Chimes
& Sun-catcher Decoration
Friday 11 August, 10am-3pm
Cost: £45
Design & create your own special Wind-chimes or an elegant Sun-catcher for your house or garden from fused coloured glass. Glassmaker, Natasha Duddy, will guide you through the cut, fuse and slump process of warm glass making. Suitable for students of all abilities.  Max 10 Places
Fused Glass Slumped Plates and Bowls
Friday 18 August, 10am-3pm
Cost: £45
After a brief health and safety talk and glass cutting demonstration, students will explore the use of line and colour to design and produce a flat piece of glass using geometric patterns. Kiln Firing (a 2 day fusing process) follows and then the tutor will refire work into the student’s chosen moulds to produce their own unique 3D plates or bowls.
Max 10 Places
Fused Glass Imaging
Friday 25 August, 10am-3pm
Cost: £45
Or …..How to fuse your personal favourite photographs and text forever into glass
Create a personalised gift for yourself or a loved one. Personal images or photos and text are introduced to the glass and fired permanently onto the surface. You can make a piece to frame or a coaster, or jewellery, all with personal meaning. Students are required to send their images and text in advance of the class, to be printed and ready for use on the day. Ask reception for details on booking. Max 10 Places
Pate de Verre Glass
Tuesday 15 August, 10am-4pm
Cost: £45
Pate de verre or ‘glass paste’, is finely crushed glass (frit) combined with glue and pressed into moulds to form thin walled glass pieces. This technique lets the maker place colours precisely in a way other glass casting techniques don’t allow. In this fun hands-on class, learn how to create a pate de verre vessel and a flat personalized piece of pate de verre.  Suitable for ABSOLUTE beginners. All equipment and glass will be supplied, but please dress for mess!   Max 10 places
Glass Bead Making
Saturday 5 August, 10am-4pm
Monday 7 August, 10am-1pm
Cost: £95
Enjoy a two-day class using lampworking techniques in glass bead-making with Glass maker, Catherine Keenan. Using gloriously coloured stringers (glass rods) students will be guided through the very basics of this skill and produce their own unique lamp worked beads to use in jewellery. N.B. Lampworking is a type of glasswork where a hand held torch or lamp is used to melt the glass, once in a molten state it is formed into decorative beads. Max 6 Places
5-26 August 2017
Main Gallery 
Admission Free
A showcase exhibition featuring work by noted ceramicists working in Northern Ireland today to complement the Craft NI 2017 August Craft Month and marking Flowerfield Arts Centre’s thirty six year history of pottery making on the North Coast. A celebration of a great craft making heritage.


Opening hours: 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, and 10am to 1pm, Saturday. Flowerfield is also often open on
weekday evenings when creative classes are running in the centre please call us for details.
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